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Improv 201: Intermediate Improv

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Location: Ybbsstraße 22/13-14, 1020 Vienna
Prerequisites: 101
Grade: Pass/No pass

Improv 201 is our intermediate class, designed to sharpen your skills over six weeks. You'll focus on the cornerstone of Chicago-style improv: the game of the scene. This involves discovering the central comedic idea, playing it effectively, and engaging the audience. You'll delve deeper into the nuances of comedic timing and delivery, ensuring that each scene resonates with authenticity and humor. You'll develop the ability to create interesting, recognizable characters and learn techniques for supporting and inspiring your co-stars. Together, you'll craft dynamic scenes and stories, leading to exciting and unexpected performances.

Students registered for 201, 301 or 401 may attend American Improv Mondays at Aera for free from the day they register until their last day of class.

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